10/16/2017 Paul Iba Great Service! Friendly and knowledgeable. My only complaint is the pricing. They charge a $100 diagnostics for a Check Engine Light even if you already know the code, symptoms and what needs to be fixed. They didn't offer an alternative to me. The diagnostic check isn't waived even if spending hundreds on the fix itself. There are other shops that waive the $100 if you choose to fix it there and are spending good money. It just adds up a lot more than anticipated and to me doesn't make sense. Great service though and friendly staff.
Hey Paul! Thank you for your honest review! I would like to take a moment and discuss your concerns at this time. To address the concern on our pricing and procedure for diagnostics. It is our shops policy that we do not make any repairs from guesses and symptoms. We can give any customer the codes that are brought up for a check engine light, however those codes will only point you in the direction of system that needs repairs. A code will not check any electrical wiring, a code will not test any components, a code will not check temps or pressures, a code will not tell you if there is a physical obstruction or failure further "up stream" of the components that is being flagged for a code. The diagnostics that we provide checks over all of these issues to verify what the problem is, what caused the problem and verify that the concern is fixed. Naturally no one works for free and it takes our technicians time to perform all of these checks and add in the cost of specialized testing equipment and so on you can quickly see why our diagnostics is not free. To your concern that other shops will wave the diagnostics charges, it simply isn't true. Most shops that claim they will waive the fee only add the fee on to the labor of the repairs. We have proven this to a large number of our customers. We always welcome estimates from competitors. Normally our labor will be cheaper because of the fact we do not roll in the diagnostics. We are also fair in that if we get your vehicle in the air and start the troubleshooting and notice something simple for example a broken connector or sensor we don't always charge the diagnostics. One of the biggest misleading issues in our line of work is that a code will tell you exactly what is wrong. We have at least 5 customers a week that we are able to save them money because they were going to replace a part that the parts stores said needed replaced because that is what the code is for and it turns up it isn't. Again Paul we appreciate the honest and good review and we hope to see you again and maybe give us an opportunity to show you the diagnostics procedure and what is involved. Thanks Again! - Garrin's Automotive
10/9/2017 Robert B Great Service, Reasonable pricing, and quick turn around. Took the company work truck in because it needed a lot of work done on it. They found all the problems, FAST. Gave me the options on what needs to be done. Once you choose the options that suit you, they repair it, test it, then test again in order to give the "OK." Once I received the truck I was amazed that it was even the same truck I had brought in. Everyone at work was also amazed by how well it was running AND sounding. No more jumping, no more odors coming from the engine, no loud engine rattling. Just the smooth sounds of a reliable work truck. I would recommend Garrin's Automotive to others.
10/8/2017 David Patton I had a wonderful experience with Garrin's automotive. The staff was professional and they were willing to answer and help in any need that I had. The service was great as well. I've been there customer over a few weeks, but I'm very happy with all the things that they have done for our cars.
10/2/2017 James Backman Great automotive repair and maintenance shop! Great service and you can trust them to be honest and fair!
9/29/2017 Ike Hansen The first mechanic team that doctors my car so I don’t have to come back as often. Love these guys. Team of integrity.
9/12/2017 Damon Argyle Great. Their service was quick and reasonably priced. I'll be bring my car back in the future when I have any needs.
8/30/2017 Moylan Everything is fixed and works, which is great! The only thing was it took over a week. I'm not sure if it was because of the part and ordering and then fixing, but it was hard for my family and I to get around with our other working car for school, work, and errands. Other than that, these guys got the job done right and go out of their way to make sure it's ready before you pick up your vehicle!
Hey Kaili! Thanks for the wonderful rating! I wish the repairs could have been faster, we never want our customers to be without a vehicle over a day. Unfortunately the repairs were delayed on your van due to waiting on parts (shifter assembly) and the further diagnosis after the shifter was replaced led to finding the electrical concern. After doing some research we found the electrical concern had a recall and we took the van to the dealership for the warranty repairs which unfortunately took longer than they had told us it would. I hope this address your concern on the time frame for the repairs. If you have any further questions please give us a call we would be happy to hear any concerns. Again we really appreciate the honest and wonderful review! Thanks! - Garrin's Automotive
8/26/2017 Michael Crofts Spectacular place! Will definitely be taking my vehicles back. Very friendly staff and not pushy at all.
8/24/2017 Kimberly Gurr Very fast, friendly and helpful :)
8/19/2017 Daniel Payne Found and fixed the problem very fast. Handled add on services with no delay.
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